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Borrowing from What We Love for What We Don’t

Do you avoid challenges like "life admin?" Use ideas from activities you enjoy.

My friend Susan taught me something this week.

She taught me that we can borrow techniques from something we love—for her, music—and apply them to something we find more challenging—for her, writing. This idea, it strikes me, holds promise for dealing with our life admin.

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The Time We Lose to Santa Claus (and Hanukkah Harry)

Is a fictional character getting credit for your work? We can choose to make holiday labor less laborious.

We’ve reached the season of lights and merriment. Which also means we’ve reached the season of invisible labor.

Every year we hear about the huge outlays of money on holiday gifts as a boost to the economy. But what about the huge outlays of time and energy? 

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The Invisible Labor of Life Admin

Do you know what invisible work is consuming your time? Let’s make admin visible, and make it better.

Life admin is all of the office-type work it takes to run a life and a household. From dealing with routine aggravations like broken technology, to making daily decisions about what to eat and how to cook it or find it, to managing big life-cycle events like a wedding, a pregnancy, or the funeral of a loved one.

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